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Does Mebendazole Kill Tapeworm

Mebendazole, sold under the brand name Vermox among others, is a medication used to treat a number of parasitic worm infestations. This includes ascariasis, pinworm infection, hookworm infections, guinea worm infections, hydatid disease, and giardia, among others. It is taken by mouth. Mebendazole is usually well tolerated. Common side effects include headache,.

  • The commonly used medicines to treat tapeworm is praziqantel & niclosamide. Albendazole, nitazoxanide are also used. Combantrin or mebendazole can be used but may not be very much effective. I hope this information helps. I will be happy to assist, if you need any clarification. Please feel free for any follow up query. Best wishes.

  • Although mebendazole kills adult worms, it does not kill the eggs. Because of this it is important to break the cycle of re-infection. This can be done by treating everyone living in your house at the same time (even if they do not have any symptoms), and by following the advice given in the section below called 'Getting the most from your treatment', to prevent re-infection.

  • INTRODUCTION. Albendazole, methyl [5- (propylthio)-1 H -benzimidazol-2-yl] carbamate, is a broad- spectrum anti-parasitic agent, first introduced in 1975 for treatment of liver flukes, tapeworms, lung and gastrointestinal nematodes in sheep and cattle [ 1 ]. It was subsequently approved for human use in 1982 [ 2, 3 ].

Does Mebendazole Kill Tapeworm

Does Mebendazole Kill Tapeworm

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